Why I’m Considering Going Back to the Creamy Crack

The next post I was supposed to write about natural hair, was the second part to “My Hair Revolution” in which I was to discuss the changes in my routine in terms of what products I now use. My last “hair” post was sometime last year. Since then I have been going through a roller-coaster of thoughts and emotions about my hair.

For the most part, I would rather not have to think about my hair at all. I live a very busy life, and dealing with my natural hair is to me is just one of those necessary evils in life. When I think about “wash day” (I assume it has that name because it literally takes up the whole day) I almost come out in a rash. I anticipate with dread the huge amounts of shedding, and the hours it will take detangling, and styling. And after all of that, I look in the mirror and the results hardly seem worth it. After a few days my hair starts to mat together, and I run out of ideas of how to style my hair in a way that covers up my lack of edges.

Last year I excitedly declared that I had found the solution to most of my natural hair problems. I thought that mini-twists were the most ideal style, but the truth is, there is no ideal. Every style, process, product, procedure associated with (my) natural hair ALWAYS has a catch. For twists, it was the time it takes to install them. My busy schedule means I just do not have the two days it takes. Since then I tried going back to weave. The catch? excessive breakage and shedding once taken out. Then I tried straightening my hair again with heat. The catch? I need to exercise regularly, and therefore I just end up sweating out the straightness, and also the heat weakens my hair. So then I tried a wig. The catch? Uncomfortable, and did not look great (though to be honest I acknowledge that it was a very badly made wig and I may still try this option again in the future, using a different wig maker). Then I tried braids which I’ve just taken out. The catch, as ever, was intense damage to my edges resulting in a depleted hairline.

Perhaps I should just leave my hair to be free, and just do the occasional twist out etc like the natural hair bloggers do. Well I would, except I am not genetically blessed like the natural hair bloggers, and the results I get on my hair look nothing like the images you see when you type into Google “natural hair”. These are the struggles that have led me to start asking; was relaxed hair ever really so bad? Of course there is a catch with relaxed hair too, but is it any worse than what I experience with my natural hair?

I am still undecided. I am going to give myself to the end of the year to see if I can figure something out with this head of hair in its natural state. And if I’m still struggling as much as I am now, you may just see me start a new hair journey altogether. The “Back to the Creamy Crack” journey.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Considering Going Back to the Creamy Crack

  1. Hey babe, don’t go back to the creamy crack journey. I know it can be time consuming but make it fun, especially wash day. My wash day is normally on a Sunday and I look forward to it (mainly because I’m a product junkie and I want to try new concoctions) but I pick a good show or movie to watch and a long mix on soundcloud and start the process. Some days when I a hairstyle doesn’t work, I just find a beautiful print and wrap my hair, other times I just free out the afro or braid my hair into two cornrolls.

    I does depend on how long your hair is but there’s always a solution and its not the creamy crack! lol! I hope I persuade you to stay kinky coily curly! Blessings sis xx

    • Hi Steph, thanks for your message!

      I haven’t gone back (yet), and hopefully will not. I agree with you that there is always a solution. For now I’m keeping my hair away and using wigs. I will try and treat my hair better and see how I get on.

      Thanks for the tips and encouragement xx

  2. Girl, I am in that same place right now! Thank you for writing about this. I have been struggling with my natural 4C type hair for a while now and wear a wig all the time now. The detangling and shedding on wash day just makes me want to cut it all off. I would be interested to hear what you decide to do. A hairdresser I know suggested I try a keratin treatment to losen the curls. Might consider that.

    • Hi Dee, thanks for your comment. It has been a very interesting journey but I’ve decided to keep away from the relaxer. I will soon do a post to explain how I got out of the rut. I know how you feel though!

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