Life is made up of many experiences. Here I’ll share some of mine, and sometimes give my opinions on things happening around the world. I’ll also write up reviews of things that others may want to experience (such as books, theatre, restaurants etc).

Life is about learning. I hope to learn from commenters, subscribers and other bloggers. If I can also impart some knowledge of my own then I will do so. I’m interested in a wide range of topics –  from healthy eating and natural hair care, to politics, world news, and culture.

Life is short. Make it fruitful and fulfilling. As a Christian, I believe that this life is not all there is. So as much as we should enjoy life’s experiences, and the good things on offer in this world, it’s best not to get too attached. Even the Atheist would agree that when you die you will lose all you have in this world.

About the Author:

I’m a twenty-something year old woman, British born, of Igbo descent. The more of the blog you read, the more you’ll discover.

Follow me on Twitter @adressrehearsal

Email: geeelicious@msn.com

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